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Get these White people out my store

This is BLACKluxmatters. I'm trynna be all melanin everything and I have no compromise in that. We are a diaspora of billions, we aren't anywhere close to a minority, but the world does not work that way. 

I am a self taught designer. No training at all except in knowing where to look for tools. Those tools have allowed me to build blackluxmatters and all our subsequent lines, but those tools aren't necessarily made with me in mind and that is why the models you see are of white people.

Most design manufacturers that allow you to access their equipment don't give a damn about having black and brown models for use in our stores. I mean there are a few and you gone see them here, but the vast majority is nah. 

Now as an artist I want to release my new hot shit for ya'll to take in and take home. I want it out in the world but the process of ideation, to mockup and prototype is mostly out of my hands. 

That's why we have the #replacetheface campaign. Get these WHITE FOLKS OUT OUR CLOTHES AND OFF MY SITE. This ain't for them. It is just the tool I have to work with. You are the actual end result though. I want YOU to be the models. You bought it why shouldn't the world get to see how fresh you are? 

Ya'll been buying clothes that way though. So ain't nothing new and I'm black as fuck all day every day so this whole situation gonna be black owned forever. 

I need ya'll for this next step and to #replacetheface .

You ain't gotta look like a model for me to adore you. - 50 Cent



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